Image found at www.quotes-and-quotes.comI think it was Walt Disney who said “Doing the impossible is fun!” I thought of that when I saw the following quote, “When life hands you lemons, make grape juice. Then sit back and watch as the world wonders how you did it.”

Now that is what one would call a good dose of PERSPECTIVE!

Today is Monday. Don’t you just love Mondays??? NOT! I started the day off at 4:40 am. with my alarm saying it was time to get up and work out. My warm bed made a strong case for not getting up, though it did not succeed. Then it was off to the tire repair shop because I ran over a screw this weekend. I dropped my husband off nearly late for work, got Chaz to daycare 4 minutes after I was supposed to be in office and while getting out of the car, I spilled my coffee. That was all by 8:15 this morning!

Today isn’t just Monday, it’s are really exciting day here at The Leadership Center, because we’re kicking off the second session of a rather large youth leadership conference with over 250 people in attendance. There’s dorms and lodge rooms to be checked, phones to answer, bathrooms to clean…not to mention all the mouths the Chef has to cook for and feed. Lots and lots of details. Having a frazzled morning isn’t on the agenda today and I was well aware of that at 8:15 as I was wiping spilled coffee of my hands and briefcase. You just gotta get up, wipe the coffee off and keep moving forward. Success is the only option. It’s called making grape juice!

What exactly is making grape juice? Everyday presents us with challenges, some new and some old. It’s how you approach those challenges that makes all the difference.  Attitude, perspective, determination and having an end goal in mind are all a part of doing that. So is not letting set backs, frazzled moments or spilled coffee set your day or moment into a downward spiral of self pity, complaining or inability to succeed. It’s taking those “moments” and turning them into “fuel” or something usable and productive that allows you to then succeed. That’s making grape juice!

You and your reactions/actions determine the outcomes of 98 % of all life’s challenges. How you approach them, deal with them, beat them or let them beat you, is up to you!

So kick the case of the Monday’s to the road! Take all that today and this week hands you and make grape juice!! Enjoy your success as the world wonders just how you did it!

Happy Monday!   -Maile


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