Courtesy of“Three rings of marriage are the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering.” – Anon. I think most men would agree with this statement. Women on the other hand enjoy the planning process for the most part; it’s what they have been dreaming about!! The planning process can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the option of hiring a planner to take care of all the tedious details for you. A while ago I wrote about planning your wedding on Pinterest and about wedding websites to help you maintain RSVPs and informing guests of information. Maile also has written about the importance of RSVPing. I thought for this blog post I would write about websites to assist you in the planning process.

There are so many sites out there that are free to use to help aid you in the planning of your wedding. They can help you find vendors in your area for everything from cakes to invitations. They can also help aid you in finding wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and tuxes. You can view pictures of flowers or cakes to help in inspiration.

Here are some of the top sites that I have found: is one of the most popular wedding planning sites online. I have perused this website many times! You can find any and everything on this website. It is free to join and even lets you know how many days are left until your wedding. It provides you with a budget tracker and checklist of when details for your wedding need to be done. It’s a great comprehensive website. is another great resource. We just discovered this website here at The Leadership Center. MyWedding provides a budget just like TheKnot With this website you can pick the theme that you are going with for your wedding and they will help you find invitations to match your theme. It’s a very simple website to use. is perfect for the bride that would rather have everything on paper than using everything online. With this website you and print off budget trackers and checklists and have those to physically look at. The worksheets are very basic but exactly what a bride needs when planning her wedding!

Wedding websites help get rid of the clutter that comes with the big, bulky binders some brides use, but if that is how you want to plan your wedding, the more power to you! I personally love the idea of being able to search online and have everything one place and accessible on my phone to show people at any given moment!

The planning process can be overwhelming and very time consuming,Courtesy of but if you take everything step by step and use your resources, it can be the easiest thing on the planet! Enjoy the planning process for your wedding, don’t let it stress you out, it’s just one day of your life…the marriage is forever!

Happy Thursday everyone!!



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