I love this image! Leave it to Nike to come up with yet another impacting and incredibly inspiring campaign!!! I found this snap shot of greatness a few months back while looking for blogspiration. I have looked back at it a number of times for personal inspiration and thought it was perfect for today!

What does it mean to you to #makeitcount? Making it count has been my mantra the last two days as I forced myself each morning to get out and go for a run. It wasn’t going for a run that was the problem, it was overcoming my desire to procrastinate. How about you? What goal have you put off instead of #makingitcount ? What is keeping you from discovering your greatness? Like the picture above, we often associate value and greatness with title, popularity or stardom, when greatness lies in everyone.

My challenge to you is to make today count. Work towards discovering your greatness. Have a great weekend!



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