Image found at was searching for a new pair of running shoes just this weekend, when I came across this image on the Saucony website.

“Maybe strong is what you have left when you’ve used up all your week. #FindYourStrong”

These words have been lingering in my head all week. I have been pondering what that really means. It’s interesting. My husband, a friend and I did the Insanity 60 day Fitness Challenge from April 1-June 2, 2013. During that time we also ran our first 5k in years and have run a 5k every weekend since. We have also begun Insanity all over again this past Monday. I have wanted to quit a number of times. We all have. Fitness wasn’t a part of who we were as people nor was it remotely a part of our lives. Sure we dilly dallied with ‘fitness-type’ things here and there, but there was no commitment. Not only are we whole heatedly committed, we’re accountable and excited!

Just last night, I went for a run. At 9:15 p.m., it was 90 degrees out. Between the humidity and heat, it was nearly impossible to breath…not running or quitting while out for a run were my two constant mental battles. And yet, I ran. I ran because I know my endurance isn’t where it needs to be. I ran because I am doing a 5k this weekend and I don’t just want to run the whole thing without walking, I want to set a new personal best of 33 minutes or less. I ran because last night my 2 1/2 year old son, Chaz, asked if we could go out for one. I ran because I wanted to run. I. WANTED. TO. RUN!The Crew (L to R) Maile, Devin, Chaz and John after completing our very first 5k!!!

Each day we all face challenges and battles we must conquer ourselves. They are things that serve as road blocks, reasons to quit, and could keep us from discovering success. What is it that continues to propel you forward? For me, my fitness journey has been inspired by others her at The Leadership Center and supported by a few incredible and encouraging people. Mostly, I really wanted a positive change for me and to be an example for my son, Chaz (who my husband has pushed in a jogging stroller for each of our 5k’s.) I also knew no one could make the change for me, but me. ¬†These things are my “strong.” What’s yours?

Whether it’s a goal at work, a personal challenge or an internal dilemma, I am rooting for you to #FINDYOURSTRONG. Why? Without having met you, I know 3 things about you:

  1. You are LOVED.
  2. You are VALUED.
  3. You are WORTHWHILE.

Find your strong for them, but more importantly, find your STRONG FOR YOU!


Peace be the journey…and it should be a journey!



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