Maybe I am behind on this trend, but I just found it the other day and found it incredibly interesting. We’ve all heard of wedding planners and event planners, some may not know the difference, but they are out there. Now we can add proposal planners to the list. I was trying to come up with an idea for an event blog and this came across my radar. Who knew?!

There is a lady in New York City by the name of Sara Pease who is known as “The Proposal Planner”. So intrigued by her I visited her website and did some research. You can even take a little quiz to generate what idea they have for your ideal proposal or you can get a more personalized one with a consultation.

Now mind you, I am not married nor engaged, but the idea they generated for me was based on a hopeless romantic, which I totally am by the way, it was over the top for my tastes. Note to future fiancé to be: subtle, romantic and from the heart will be perfect. If you choose to go this route, more power to you! If you can’t afford the proposal planner in NYC, Maile and I would be more than happy to help you out

There is a lot of pressure on guys to propose in some over the top way that makes every one’s mouths drop, but don’t have to propose that way if it isn’t your style. You should try and make the moment as special as you can and as personal as you can. Do something that means something to the both of you and is something you will remember forever. Don’t go into debt trying to top someone else’s proposal.

Photo found at you are looking for something less over the top or more subtle I have some tips for you from a girl’s perspective:

  • Be genuine and speak from the heart. I have had friends and family that stand by this testament.
  • Find something that’s special between the two of you. That could be a place such as your first date, trip, etc. or a special song, food, etc. Just make it special.
  • Take pictures. There is this new trend where the proposer has a photographer hidden and has them take pictures of the proposal. Everyone thinks of the photographer for engagement pictures and the wedding, but why not the proposal? This is one of the most special days of your lives, so cherish it with pictures.

These are just a few suggestions, but the matter of fact is, you have found the love of your life so celebrate and make the most of the moment. Cherish it. Make it special. Celebrate the love between you!

The proposal planner may be the new trend, who knows how long it will last, but true love will always be in fashion!

Have a great day!!



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