Being a bridesmaid is truly an honor. I have had the opportunity once before in my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding and then will have the opportunity again next year in my cousin’s wedding. With that being said,Me and my brother and sister-in-law. there are a couple of things that I wanted to share with brides that I have learned through experience and witnessed working plenty of weddings.

  1. Having the opportunity to be a part of someone’s wedding really is an honor. Being able to get to witness that magic and celebrate with some of my favorite people is why they said yes to being a bridesmaid on your special day. Never doubt the importance of your wedding to one of your bridesmaids.
  2. Please be conscientious of your bridesmaids’ budget. Coming from someone who recently bought a house limits the amount I can spend on certain things, i.e. buying a dress, airline tickets, shoes, etc. Please be aware of the budgets of your bridesmaids and try to work within those the best that you can, unless you are paying for all of your bridesmaids. If that is the case, then your bridesmaids should love you even more! However, most times that is not the case and some girls may be able to afford a $500 dress and others can’t so just think about your girls.
  3. When choosing a dress think about the shapes and sizes of your bridesmaids. The stereotype is that brides choose hideous dresses for their bridesmaids so the bride looks the best on the big day. Please don’t be cruel and put your girls in awful dresses from the 1980’s so you look better than them. Also think about the body types of your girls. Is everyone tall and slender? Or do you have a mixture of heights and curves? Pick dresses based upon what looks best on your girls’ body types and pick dresses that come in the sizes of your girls. Don’t expect them to crash diet just to fit into the dress you choose, that is just mean, especially if they are the ones paying for the dress.
  4. Realize they have lives outside of your wedding. Yes, your big day is important to them however they do have jobs, families, friends, etc. outside of your wedding that require their attention. Respect that. It’s alright to have duties for them, but don’t put everything on to your bridesmaids unless they say they can do it. Otherwise you are setting everyone up for failure.
  5. Finally, say thank you. Your bridesmaids obviously mean a lot to you for them to be a part of your wedding and obviously you mean a lot to them for them to say yes to being in your wedding. Realize that they have put money, time and energy into your special day, so reward them. Say thank you. A simple and genuine thank you can go a long way.

Like I said being in a wedding is truly an honor. I know that it is one that I really take seriously, completely respect and value. Chances are the girls that you choose to be your bridesmaids do too. Enjoy this experience and this ultimate bonding moment. You don’t get married every day and you don’t get to share in that special moment with your closest friends Image found at day. Just be sure you think not just about yourself, but about them as well. You are spending a lot of time and money on this, but it is YOUR special day. They are spending a lot of time and money because they love YOU. So please just keep these helpful tips in mind.

Happy wedding planning!!


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