Celebrate with us at The Leadership Center.With the end of the school year nearing, it’s what I like to refer to as “election and celebration season.” The past few weeks, I have been on the road assisting FFA Chapters with chapter officer interviews. I have also attended a couple of FFA Banquets and next week, I have the pleasure of speaking at the East Butler FFA Banquet. Graduation invitations have begun to arrive. It’s a season I love.

Here at The Leadership Center, we get to enjoy this season too. Just last night, the St. Edward FFA was here to conduct their officer interviews with a panel made up of Dawn Caldwell from the Aurora Cooperative, Bill Hunter of Syngenta, and Micheala Olsen and I from The Leadership Center. LastSt. Edwards FFA Chapter Officer Team Interviews at The Leadership Center. Friday, Nebraska Christian Schools celebrated their Senior Honors night here, complete with formals, a beautiful buffet and fellowship with their classmates, family and pastors. Next week, Grand Island Central Catholic will be here with their senior retreat where they reflect on their journey and to prepare for the adventure ahead of them.

In the goodbyes and hellos, taking on new challenges and endeavoring ahead, we find some really great discoveries. With that, I have been incredibly inspired by the individuals I met while out doing interviews.Their passion and excitement about all the potential they see and the desires they bring to the table in hopes to serve their group more, is infectious. Spending time discussing memories with the seniors who are preparing to say goodbye to the only life they have known only to begin to prepare for that great big life they have hardly been able to wait to begin, is exciting. It’s in those conversations that I just kind of stand in awe that this is the work I get to do, day in and day out.

Heartland FFA Chapter Officer InterviewsIn the officer interviews, I have listened to students answer questions like “What kind of leader does your FFA Chapter need?” and “What are 3 goals you’d like to accomplish next year?” or “What is your biggest fear in becoming and officer?” The thoughtfulness and raw desire you hear in each student’s answers, in most instances, is nothing short of remarkable. Some of the students I have had the opportunity to interview have been as young as 14. The desire to serve and make their mark is so apparent, it’s palpable.

Cross County FFA BanquetI was just at the Cross County FFA Chapter Banquet last Thursday. Listening to all accomplishments from the last year was awesome. This was just the second FFA banquet they’ve ever held as they are a new chapter. These students have created businesses, competed in contests and represented their school all over the state of Nebraska and beyond. Just listening to their accomplishments gets you thinking of all the things you could do to do more and be more.

Nebraska Christian Senior Honors Banquet

At The Leadership Center, experiencing celebrations and accomplishments like I have mentioned above, happens a lot here. We get to set up and assist in all kinds of events such as banquets, graduations, weddings, and more. Whether I get to be a part of them on the road or from behind the scenes, I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s another reason I am so grateful for the work I am a part of and the team I get to work with each day. Our guests invite us to be a part of making a dream come true. It sounds a bit silly, I know, but I can only hope that you get to celebrate and enjoy your work as much as I do.

Nebraska Christian Senior Honors Banquet at The Leadership CenterTo the seniors wrapping up this leg of life’s tour and planning the next, best of luck. Enjoy the journey. To those striking out to challenge themselves in a newly elected position, stay the course. There will be bumps and there will be successes, take it all in stride and enjoy working with your entire team. To those who endeavored but didn’t get the call, don’t give up. The world is looking for great people with good hearts; find a different way to serve, but nonetheless, serve anyway. And too all the folks like me, who have the pleasure to be on the peripheral and celebrate or be a part of the behind the scenes work, enjoy and be inspired. We are blessed to work and serve as we do.

A quick note to all the parents, teachers, advisers, administration, and those folks who have reared, taught, coached and supported all these great and wonderful kids: thank you. We celebrate them, but as we do, we tip our hats to you and all you have done. Your legacy is woven throughout all their accomplishments. Thank you.

If you should read this and find yourself thinking you may have a celebration or event that needs a facility, food and a plan, give us a call at 402-694-3934! We’d love to help! Or if you are an adviser needing assistance with interviews or a banquet speaker, let us know. We are always happy to lend a hand where we can.

Enjoy this lovely spring day.


Obligatory Boeder Family selfie at the Cross County FFA Banquet