We love spring at The Leadership Center. Our grass is greening up, the trees are starting to bud and all the animals are coming back to visit. It’s been so exciting. As our staff has been out on the property, they have captured some of the spring happenings. We thought we would share just a few snaps of spring from our beautiful property.

We have baby bunnies. Our maintenance crew was out trimming trees and pulling weeds when they came across these adorable creatures.

Just last week, our housekeeping manager was out enjoying a wonderful run when she discovered that we’ll soon have goslings swimming in our pond. Their parents are quite protective so we haven’t checked on them too much, but we can’t wait to see them out swimming. The past few springs, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to see goslings and ducklings embark on journeys across our pond.

Whether it is seeing the trees bud out or the grass green up, it’s amazing to get to work on such a beautiful property each day. We’re all so excited to have our guests out here to enjoy a little paddle boating or kayaking, perhaps some fishing or a bonfire. Those are just a few of the great outdoor things we have to offer.

If you haven’t been out to see the numerous things The Leadership Center has for you and your family and friends to enjoy, consider this your invitation. Please give us a jingle at 402-694-3934 to schedule your complimentary tour or just stop out to visit. We’d love to meet you!

Have the best day.


P.S. Each year as the the property comes to life, we have lots of families, students and couples who would like to use the property for pictures. We are always happy to accommodate these requests when possible. Please note, we are a private property and trespassing is prohibited. Please call the office at 402.694.3934 to see if our schedule allow time for photos. Thank you.