I think thank you notes have been slowly drifting down the obsolete river. My generation very rarely sends out hand-written thank you notes any more, now they come via text or Facebook. While those are acceptable they are not the most appreciated.

Having attended a wedding and bridal shower this year, the historyImage found at http://3.design-milk.com/images/2012/02/TY-Card-1-Night-Owl.jpg and importance of the thank you note had me intrigued. Thank you cards and greeting cards have been in America since the 1850s, but they have been seen overseas for hundreds of years before that! They were used to spread goodwill and fortune and were hand delivered.

According to the Emily Post Institute, thank you cards need to be sent whenever you have received a gift or note from someone. This includes bridal showers, birthday gifts, gifts received while ill or condolence gifts/notes. This is also true about wedding gifts, it is proper etiquette to have notes written and sent within three months of your wedding.

I was always raised that you write a thank you note right away after you have received a note or gift. Not only is it special to receive something in the mail, but it’s special for the recipient to know that you have taken the time to write something personalized for that individual.

Thank you notes are even something that we have started to incorporate here at The Leadership Center. We send a thank you note to the contact person of each event that is hosted here. We appreciate them choosing to host their event here and know that they could have chosen anywhere and they chose us.

If you don’t know what to write in your thank you, all you have to do is search the web and you will be able to find different templates depending on what kind of note you are writing. It is really pretty simple, but a thank you note can be quite powerful and make all the difference!!

Thank you for reading!