Good morning everyone!

My name is Josh Aspegren and I just wrapped up my first year at Nebraska Wesleyan University. I am majoring in exercise science and minoring in Spanish, with the ultimate goal of becoming a physical therapist and owning my own physical therapy practice. I have worked on the maintenance staff at The Leadership Center since May of 2012 and on May 26, 2015 I started my journey as the new office intern. As the intern, I will be working in all departments which will give me a better understanding of how a business works. For the past few years I have only had the point of view of a worker in the maintenance department, but now I will learn new perspectives from all branches of the business. I am very excited to continue working at TLC because everyone that works here is all part of a close-knit family. There is never a dull moment when new and different things happen every day, and this is what makes me so excited for this opportunity. I have spent much time at The Leadership Center and with that come many great memories. One of my favorites is when I got to be a moments’ notice chef at The Leadership Center. It was winter and I was working in maintenance, then it started to snow. There was a volleyball tournament in town that weekend so many people were looking for a place to stay. Due to the snow, I was one of the few people working that day so when people came to The Leadership Center I was pulled into the kitchen to help prepare food. All I did was cut fruit and make muffins, but just the fact that it was that unpredictable is why I love working here.

Have a great day!


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