Happy Friday all!

Today I wanted to touch on the importance of organization. I know in past blogs we have touched on the importance of organization which you can find here, but I thought it was worth a revisit.

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/bb/d8/e4/bbd8e42551665fc31b0b8fa7ad1b8817.jpgWe are on a bit of a slow week in between two very busy weeks. We just wrapped up having the Nebraska FFA and the COLT (Chapter Officer Leadership Training) here for a couple of weeks. Next week we jump right back into being super busy.

With COLT this year we took on a couple new roles including taking lodging reservations as opposed to lodging being covered with the event registration, with those new roles it meant having to be extremely organized with all of the details. Normally, we keep room charts or lists for groups to help us keep track of who is going where, but with COLT we had to be extra organized because we were working with over 100 chapters and taking reservations for each session including early arrivals. I kept multiple room charts, color coded and ¬†highlighted for each session. It was the best way for me to make sure we weren’t overbooked, we knew who was an early arrival, what rooms were advisor rooms, girl or boy rooms, etc. And it worked.

Taking on this new role was stressful, believe me, but it worked because we figured out an organization method that kept us on top of everything. I believe organization is important for sanity. It’s important for success and in turn COLT was successful.

Hope this quick story helped sway you to the organizational side of life. Just remember an organized life, is a happy life.


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