Good afternoon!

So far this week, I have learned a ton and have been quite busy. Monday, although it was a bit hectic and frustrating, I learned how to maneuver some software that is critical to our business running smoothly. On Tuesday I was fortunate enough to attend the NCE teacher’s conference with Maile. I met a lot of new and fun people. Wednesday I started my first marketing adventure. I was working on a business brochure so that we can draw in more customers. I quickly found that there is a fine line between creative/appealing and too loud/busy. Luckily, in the office I am surrounded by women that have keen and creative eyes, so I was soon corrected.

As we are just passed the halfway mark of this week, we are all preparing for a full weekend. There is a wedding here on Saturday and as it will be my first wedding from the perspective of the intern I will the true craziness that a wedding can have. I have previously known only to set up/take down the chairs, tables, ect. for the big day but now I will be a jack of all trades. It will be a great experience to do a bit of everything to make Saturday the best day ever for the soon to be newly-weds.

Have a fantastic day!!


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