Good morning!

One of our major types of meetings is family reunions. We have families that come and see us every year, every other year or some other combination. We love getting to see the families and getting to know them. It’s one of our favorite parts of the summer!

Something new that we have started to introduce to our family reunions, among other groups, is online registration. In the past we have had one main contact and they have been responsible for gathering all of the information and payments and relaying that to us. Now we have the option of online registration. There is still one main contact, but family members or guests have the option to register online and pay right The Leadership Center directly instead of paying the main contact. It’s a new way of doing things for us and we are still working out the kinks, but people have been loving it!

One of our favorite aspects of online registration is that it provides us with completely accurate information. We have everyone’s address, we know exactly what they are registering for and what we need to prepare for and we have detailed explanations of dietary needs from anyone. Those are all incredibly important parts of information for me to be able to correctly communicate and prepare our departments for their arrival. It allows us to really make sure everything is as perfect as it can be, so that our guests can enjoy their stay!

A lot of things have transitioned into being internet based and this is a way for us to keep up with the trend. If you are interested in having online registration for your event, I would be happy to explain to you in full detail how we set everything up and how we can use it for your event. Give us a call at (402) 694-3934.

Have a wonderful day!

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