Good Morning!

I am a sophomore in college so at this point in my life I am coming to the realization that I will soon be an adult. Many of my friends as well as myself are getting more professional jobs, and some not much older than me are even getting married and starting families. It is a bizarre feeling. I am getting closer and closer each day to my career goals and that excites me very much, but there are things that you cannot do later in life that you can do while you are young. If you know me then you know that I love baseball. I love playing baseball, watching baseball, talking about baseball, and even dreaming about baseball. I play baseball for Nebraska Wesleyan University as well as the Aurora Legion Seniors team. Due to the lack of professional teams knocking on my door I realize that my time left on the baseball diamond are limited.  And as depressing as that is, I have learned that I must cherish every game that I have left. I must be optimistic because God has blessed me enough to be healthy and able to still play baseball.

So my advice for the day is to relax, laugh, have fun, and when given the choice, always smile.

Have a wonderful day!!

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