Happy Monday Everyone!!

A couple of days ago I experienced my first wedding from the point of view of the general intern. It was very different than the view of the maintenance department. When I was in maintenance I would get chairs and tables set up and then I would be worry free. However, as the intern I am making sure that everything goes smoothly. From the minute that guests start arriving to the moment that they cut the cake, we are to do whatever is needed to make that day special for the newlyweds. Normally, after set up was complete I would go home and relax, but now I actually watch the ceremony and attend the reception. The weddings are much busier in this setting but they are also more fun because I am more involved with everything. After this summer I will probably be sick of weddings since we have a summer packed with weddings, but they will all be exciting because no two weddings are the same. There will always be some kind of chaos that keeps us on our toes, but that’s what makes it fun.
Have a great start to your week and enjoy the wonderful weather!


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