Wedding season is in full swing and I honestly can’t believe I haveCourtesy of reached the age where my high school classmates and childhood friends are getting married! It’s been happening for a couple years now, but still who can believe it?!

I have been a wedding guest once already this summer and have at least one more wedding to attend this year. I was thinking about the first wedding I attended this summer and all of the things that ran through my head—what is appropriate to wear, what kind of gift do I get them, RSVPing, just to name a few.  I am sure more seasoned wedding attendees have this all down, but for me I have only attended a couple weddings without my parents so I am in new territory.

I did some research for myself and wanted to share what I found:

  1. Respond to the RSVP. Maile already talked about RSVPing to weddings or events, click here for more details. Don’t be the person who RSVPs a couple days before the wedding. The bride and groom have to give a final count to their caterer usually 7-15 days before the wedding/reception. So be courteous and on time because after all you aren’t paying for the food, they are.
  2. Don’t bring an uninvited guest. No one likes to attend a wedding alone, this girl included. Usually if you aren’t married or this isn’t a family wedding, your invitation will be addressed to you and a guest. If it isn’t, follow the directions on the invitation. The wedding and reception may be a very small and intimate affair. So don’t worry about attending alone, step out of your shell and meet some new people.
  3. Be generous but realistic when it comes to gifts. Deciding the gift and how much to spend is difficult. One of my oldest childhood friends got married last month and while I wanted to send her an amazing gift, I just couldn’t afford much which is fine! On most gift registries, if you receive one, you will find a broad range of items to purchase. Don’t purchase something out of your price range. If everything on the registry is expensive, opt for something more personal and budget friendly instead.
  4. What to wear. Some invitations will let you know if the wedding will be held outside, at the beach or in a church. Dress according to the location of the wedding, if you plan to attend. Don’t wear something that will be heavy and too warm to wear to a ceremony located outside in 90 degree heat. Also don’t wear anything revealing to a church ceremony. If you want to wear a strapless dress wear a cardigan over it and take it off for the reception.  Just be mindful of the ceremony and even the reception when planning your fabulous outfit!

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Weddings and receptions are a truly magical and special time. If there is something that you are worried about, don’t hesitate to do some research or even speak with the couple getting married. Find out what is okay with them and decide what will be comfortable for you.

Enjoy the special day and the couple getting married. And have fun!!



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