Happy Monday all! I really hope your day is off to the best start and if not, I hope it get’s better!!!

I got to start my day off at the dentist with my little boy, Chaz, for his first dentist appointment. Chaz was really excited and I was just hoping it all went well. As hoped, it went just perfectly. He was intrigued by the chair, the tools and all the sounds.  On the way to daycare, Chaz said, “Mom, that was fun. I like new things. That was really great!”

Chaz at the dentist. Photo taken by Maile Ilac Boeder.

I can’t say that I am ever that excited for the dentist, the doctor, a lot of my meetings or a lot of things actually. There is nothing like the insight of a child to remind you that life is pretty great, if not wonderful, most of the time. When cruising through my blog file, I came across this little ditty,“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen!” That about sums up this morning for me and it’s only 10:02 a.m.!

It’s rainy here here in Aurora, Nebraska. It’s a bit dreary and  it’s Monday. Though most would have a hard time finding a sunny disposition about such a day, we’re celebrating the much needed moisture, the gorgeous lightening display we had early this morning and Chaz’s excitement over visiting the dentist and getting a new tooth brush!

Here’s to Monday and to believing wonderful is about to happen! Enjoy!



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