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Around here, we are big fans of David Tutera. Huge. We would love for him to coordinate a wedding out here that is one of our goals. I havebeen a huge fan of not only David Tutera’s but of wedding shows in general, that’s how I really decided to change my major from journalism to hospitality management. However, thanks to school and internships I know the difference between reality and TV magic.

Due to the overwhelming amount of wedding shows that are available on cable, which I could name at least 10 on the top of my head, brides have become desensitized to the cost and amount of details there are in a wedding. They get caught up in the glitz and glam that TV presents them and forget that a lot of these couples are getting their weddings paid for.

For example, on David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding, Tutera takes over just a few weeks before the wedding and provides the couples with these elaborate ceremonies and receptions that would cost the typical couple tens of thousands of dollars if not more! Way more money than the average wedding costs. Plus he is changing nearly everything just weeks before the wedding, which is very costly if not impossible.

There are shows that provide couples with a realistic sense of what goes into a wedding and the costs of numerous things.

Shows like Say Yes to the Dress give you info on the bride’s budget and what the dresses and accessories actually cost. It helps brides realizeCourtesy of that if you want a designer dress from Kleinfelds you will be spending north of $1500 plus alterations for that dress.

Now not to be Debbie Downer, but when it comes to your wedding day, I don’t want you to go into astronomical debt just to match up to the weddings you see on TV. There are so many options that you have, you just need research and help!

Just remember when you get caught up in those wonderful wedding shows, to not lose your sense of reason. See something you like? Research your options and find what’s best for you and your budget!

May the force be with you during your planning!!

Have a great weekend!



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