Over the weekend, I decided I would spring clean through my old high school email account. Mind you, I haven’t logged into that account in what I figured was 4 years. I wasn’t surprised to find 4000+ spam emails, but I went back and read through some of the emails that I saved and there were a couple that were just what I needed to read.

One was from my dad after my first day of college. It was short and a sweet reminder. The other was from one of my best friends in high school after what must have been a difficult day during my senior year.

I don’t remember the day or what I was going through, but my friend found this passage and felt it fit my situation perfectly. Some of the words I read the other night were poignant. My friend found this quote in her college textbook and had to share with me. “We know it’s not life’s job to make everything perfect, it’s our own challenge. We are reminded that everyone is dealt a different hand, and everything has unique strengths and challenges.”

Life isn’t perfect and we aren’t perfect. We have to create our own perfect or what we consider to be perfect. That’s life’s challenge to Courtesy of http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/life-isnt-fair-is-that-true-for-you/question-811731/us.  No matter what hand we are dealt we all possess our own strengths and weaknesses and must challenge ourselves to create what is right for us. Life isn’t always fair, but we can do our best to work with what life has given us. Let’s face it, it’s not always going to be roses, but it will help us become who we want to be.

Looking back through those emails was absolutely hilarious. It brought smiles and memories flooding back! It was really good to touch base to back then and not only cherish those memories, but to remember how much I have grown in just the past four years. Life does move pretty fast and its really great to look back and see how we have changed and grown into who we want to be.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!!



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