How is the summer half over already? Goodness, time flies when you’re having fun and staying busy. While we have had aD4LC (Disciplines 4 Leadership Communities) number of meetings, family reunions and such here at The Leadership Center, we have also been busy leading our own conferences and workshops. That’s right! The Leadership Center isn’t just a facility, we also facilitate.

What do we facilitate? Leadership workshops, team building sessions, planning session, etiquette meals and such. Many of the presenting and facilitating duties fall to me, the executive director, due to my background in education and past business experience but it isn’t always the case. For example, just a few weeks ago through a partnership with The Edgerton Explorit Center and their “Ooey Gooey, Nice & Chewy” Cooking with Chemistry Camp, Chef Ryan helped lead a week long cooking camp in our kitchen. He and Edgerton Senior Educator, Dan Glomski, taught students how to cook, safe kitchen practices and all the science behind it all.

We also have our own leadership conference curriculum called D4LC –D4LC Broadcast with Micheala and Maile. Discipline’s 4 Leadership Communities. This all came about after The Leadership Center’s staff was approached by a group to develop such a conference. D4LC is a conference that is designed, produced and facilitated by The Leadership Center. This leadership conference focuses on a number of important topics where attendees have a chance to work in communities and individually on enhancing their own leadership skills. Its unique format encourages networking, collaboration, personal reflection while having fun, learning new things and meeting new people. There are several neat aspects of this conference that I could go on and on about all day, but the one I really want to hit on is that it is designed  and facilitated by The Leadership Center’s Core Staff. The variety of experiences, backgrounds, education, etc., offers a pretty incredible and diverse set of skills and talents.

D4LC Relax with Dario and MaileWe get a lot of questions about how one books a D4LC or a leadership retreat with us, etc. So I am going to do a quick FAQ of some of those questions.

1) …but you’re a conference center, why would you facilitate conferences? Yes, you are correct, we are a conference and retreat center. However, when we were built, we were built with education in mind. When I was hired a little over 8 years ago, I pitched the idea to our board of directors that The Leadership Center could be more. We could be both a facility and the facilitator and that doing so fell right in with our mission. They agreed. It’s also a great challenge and so much fun to get to do this kind of work.

2) What kinds of things do you do? We can do simple workshops that varyD4LC Get Active in length and topics. In my past life before coming to run The Leadership Center, I had the opportunity to do quite a bit of curriculum and workshop development due to the fact I went to school to be a teacher, did workshops for a number of groups and loved doing it. I have personally presented to schools, clubs, churches, businesses and organizations. In my work here at The Leadership Center, I have had the opportunity to speak at banquets, do workshops for school and church groups varying form 10 people to over 800. I love it. So whether it is etiquette, goal setting, team building, personal development, etc., I thoroughly enjoy developing programs to fit your needs.

Waverly Jr Officer Retreat with Maile3) That was about you, what about your staff? You are right, that really was a lot about me. Let me tell you about my incredibly talented staff:

  • Micheala is our Admin & Event Coordinator. She has done a number of promotional things for us, but for facilitating, she has focused mostly on personal branding, social media, and careers. Her background is in hospitality and event design.
  • Dario is our Maintenance Manager. He is a group favorite because he has a great sense of humor, and he loves what he does. Dario leads all of our community service events here on property. He has also assisted with social media and our outdoor activities.
  • Ryan is our Sous Chef. He loves cooking! Ryan has helped withWaverly Sr Officer Training with Maile cooking workshops as well as assisted with our etiquette meals.
  • Devin is our Housekeeping Manger. She and her staff spend a lot of time working behind the scenes. She enjoys many things including running. She has assisted with our social media and outdoor activities.
  • John is our volunteer extraordinaire. He is a benefits administrator by day and because he is married to Maile, spends a lot of time volunteering when he can.He has a background in agricultural education. He assists in leadership workshops and etiquette meals.

4) How do we book an leadership event with you or have you speak at our event? Give me a call at 402-694-3934 so we can discuss your event and what you are looking for. Then we start building your program.

5) What if we want to book a D4LC either at The Leadership Center or at another location? We can do either, here or there. We can do a partial program or the full deal which is a day and half long. Again, for more information, please just give me a jingle at 402-694-3934.

D4LC Group Picture

6) What do things cost? It depends. We build it specifically for you. If we travel, mileage is additional. We do work hard to keep costs affordable.

7) Who have you worked with? Our work is extensive. With that said, we’d be happy to provide references if you’d like.

Programs are something we’ve been doing for quite sometime. We really enjoy them. We’re excited to share what we have been doing in hopes that our offerings will be one more reason you consider The Leadership Center.

Have a great day!

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