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Happy Friday!!! For a number of you this is just a part of a long weekend given that the 4th of July was yesterday. Others, are like me, who happen to be enjoying the day at work! And I type that with no sarcasm implied, because I really do enjoy my work!!

Not only is this image of Marilyn Monroe striking in a pop art sort of way, it registers wisdom, that far too often, takes many of us too long to figure out, “Being normal is boring!”

Actually the full quote goes, “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Now I am sure that many didn’t think Miss Marilyn was a great philosopher of her time not did they necessarily chalk her up to having many pearls of great wisdom. It is not secret that though she was beautiful and wildly successful, she had troubles, insecurities and problems of her own. Be that as it may, she was an incredible woman by both the standards of yesteryear and today.

So often, it easy to find yourself stuck trying to accomplish the “worlds” version of success, perfection, popularity, happiness, etc. It’s easy to think you need to have this car, or this degree, or this job or this amount of money to find “happiness.”

I remember when I was in the third grade. Guess brand jeans were the thing to have. I was one of two kids in a single parent home, where my mom, was the best and always did her best by us. Guess jeans, however, weren’t going to be happening in my world because they simply weren’t in the budget. Of course, as an overly dramatic third grader, I didn’t understand this, but my mom patiently explained and explained and explained, all the while instilling the courage, confidence, and self-worth that helped me to understand that I had value that was greater than any clothes or things that the world could give me or that could be bought. Somewhere down the road, my mom actually took me to Bostwick for Kids to get Guess jeans and by that time, not only did I not want them, I actually asked, “Why would a woman want to wear a pair of jeans that has a ? on their butt. What are people supposed to be guessing?”

I have never been one to conform very often. Not because I wanted to be different or thought I was better than anyone else. It was because my mom, taught me that who I was, was great. I was me, just the way God intended me to be and the greatness I experienced in my life would be because I was the me God intended me to be.

Normal is boring. Things are mass produced everyday: cars, food, houses and even, jobs. People are unique. If we were all supposed to be exactly the same, life wouldn’t just be boring, it would be predictable and mundane. It is people who give cars have flare with names, bumper stickers and seat covers or personalized license plates. It is people who make food an experience not just a necessity. It is people who make a house a home in their own unique and crazy way. It is people who make a job more than work, but a place that is like a home away from home and an extension of your family. There is nothing cookie cutter or mass produced about it.

Define your beauty by being who you are, just as you are because you are BEAUTIFUL. Be a genius in your own way. Who cares if the world thinks your crazy. People just like you discover all kinds of greatness every day! You are GENIUS! Let normal be defined by you for only YOU!

Life is too short to dance to a beat that isn’t the beat of your own heart!

Cheers to carving out your spot in this world and to discovering just how great you are!


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