There are days that pessimism is an easier choice! I had a friend email me this little ditty this morning and I read it over coffee.

Which caused me to think.

Quite a lot about the fact that this exactly how I need to approach every day.

There is possibility everywhere!

In hopes to turn thoughts in to practice, I came up with just a couple of way to help me see the greatness that is life:

  1. Thank the Lord for the day before my feet touch the ground!
  2. Take a couple of minutes to list what I am grateful for. This is actually a practice I have been doing for over a year. Micheala and I tweet our #3Gratitudes daily.
  3. Answer the phone with a smile. It is easier to connect and hear the person on the other line.
  4. Take a deep breath before responding to negative news.
  5. Come up with options when presented with a problem versus developing “Chicken Little” syndrome. The sky is not following. The world is not ending. You may need to change your original plan, but who knows what greatness could arise from that!
  6. The glass is half full and filling. The tone of my day is set by my perception….which is ultimately set by me!

So here is to searching out the awesome in today and being an optimistic doer of things!


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