“Seriously?!” is one my favorite quotes from Greys Anatomy that I admit ICourtesy of http://forums.downloadfestival.co.uk/m5432384-p10-print.aspx use on a regular basis.  There are some days when I make this face multiple times and say in my head or out loud my favorite Greys Anatomy quote or “Are you freaking kidding me?!” There are a lot of things that could draw this look on my face, but I always have to remind myself that no matter how many times I say it throughout the day, that I have to always look up and never give up.

Courtesy of http://notsalmon.com/tag/a-gut-honest-never-give-up-quotes/

Life knows how to throw us many curveballs, let’s face it we can never foretell what life is going to throw us. Whether it’s in the hospitality world or just life in general, you have to be able to roll with the punches you are given. You have to keep your head up and let things roll off your back which I admit is hard at times especially if something seems like a personal attack, but the best thing you can do is brush it off and move on. Nothing good happens from sulking on something thathappened in the past when you can’t change the outcome, but you can change how you handle the situation in the future and how that affects your life.

So when you throw out “Seriously?!’ or “Are you freaking kidding me?!” just remember that life is presenting you with a test. You may not have prepared for it, but you can ace it by never giving up and trying your hardest no matter the situation.

So seriously, have a wonderful weekend!


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