What’s your favorite part of a wedding reception? Free food? Alcohol? Wedding cake? What about wedding favors? The creativity that has been put into wedding favors lately has been incredible! There are so many Photo courtesy of http://img1.etsystatic.com/009/0/6309768/il_fullxfull.419944321_cnh0.jpggreat and unique ideas out there to choose from.

At my friend’s wedding last summer, she bought cases of Jones soda where she creatively glued her and her fiance’s engagement photo over the label. It was simple and cost effective for her. Her entire wedding and reception was DIY, it was pretty awesome!

One new and popular fad in wedding favors is the customized koozie. I don’t know about other places, but here in Nebraska we keep koozies in our cars, houses, purse, etc. just in case! This is what my brother and sister-in-law had for favors. They said “To have and to hold and to keep your beer cold,” with their names and wedding date. They were a huge hit! We had another wedding have the same idea but with a different saying.

There are so many ideas!! If you Google wedding favors you will find thousands of links leading you to ideas you may have never thought of. Here are some of the most creative ideas I have found:

Flower and plant seeds: I found this picture of a package of seeds with “Forget me not” printed on the outside. What a cute idea!! Plant a seed and watch it grow, just like the newly married couples futures and lives will grow! (Cheesy analogy, I know, but still so cute!)

Bags of coffee beans: Another picture I found was of a bag of coffee beans with “Love is brewing…” printed on the outside. Once again such a cute and memorable idea.

Jar of jam: Finally the last cute thing I found was, a jar of jam with “Spread the love” printed on it.

I personally love the idea of items that can be used repeatedly and areFavors at the Menke/Bamesberger wedding actually useful. But I also love the play on words; it’s perfect for a wedding.When deciding on favors for your wedding, do whatever you can a) afford and b) love. Find something that is meaningful and memorable, those make the best favors!

Have a great weekend!

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