Micheala and I have been doing a lot of learning about all kinds of things, but more specifically how to creatively share The Leadership Center (TLC) story and its services. Through this journey, a little tidbit we picked up was that people really wanted to know us. The people who told the story, offered the services and are continuing to build the legacy.

So the challenge very blatantly presented itself: who are the people behind TLC? Not necessarily the founders, though that was a part of the story, but the people behind what happens at TLC everyday. Who are they?

In a brainstorming session with the TLC Core Team, Micheala suggested a questionnaire made up of 5 questions for everyone to answer. Put a picture with it and share it with the world via Facebook with the the hashtag: #gettoknowTLC. Slowly, Micheala, shared those brief questions with our friends and followers.

It seemed like a good answer to a complex question. And it was. But it wasn’t and isn’t the complete answer.

Each Friday, we have a conference call with Turbine Digital’s Holly and Jason. We go over a number of incredibly important marketing items pertaining to our business. At the end of the meeting, they try to encourage us to explore various avenues of social media and online marketing to share the story of TLC. One idea that has come up over and over again, without our taking it too seriously, was to consider using the video options of Facebook Live, Instagram or YouTube.

After some contemplation, research, and getting over our fear of being on camera, we have started sharing a number of video items from our professionally produced overview video to a Q & A with Micheala regarding our internship. Last week, we unveiled newest endeavor which takes the “Get to Know TLC” to the next level with Facebook Live.

Our first introduction was of our Housekeeping Manager, Devin Johansen. She was interviewed by Micheala and myself while Dario ran the handy IPhone recording it all. We didn’t have mics or lighting. Instead we had a casual conversation, just the three of us introducing this new segment that we hope to share weekly. Our goal is for our guests to get to see and get to know our team in a personal way. Kind of like we do with our guests as we care for them during their events.

We really hope you all enjoy it.

Thanks for reading and watching! Check us out on Facebook too see this fun and more. Below are links to all of our social media!

Maile & Micheala

Maile & Micheala on their Friday call with Turbine Digital.

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