Hello everyone!

Well, here it is folks, it’s my last day on the job. Soon I will drop “the intern” from my name and I will just be Josh. I even made my last coffee run today, as is my intern duties. It has been a fun few months. I have been blessed with this internship, I have grown closer with everyone that works at The Leadership Center. I have learned an immense amount of things in a very short time.

This past weekend we had our first fundraiser. It was a learning experience on everybody’s part and was a great success. I thought it was a great time. We spent a ridiculous amount of hours decorating and planning. I hung a crazy amount of Christmas lights and paper fluff balls. Sometimes I would get my own “freedom” as to where to place them all but then had to rehang them because Micheala or Maile vetoed my choice. In the end it all definitely paid off and the property looked great. I spent a ton of hours this summer on this fundraiser. Whether it was getting auction items, inviting people, or decorating, this was a huge part of my internship. So, for me to see this go smoothly was very important.

Every day this summer has been different from the day before, and that is one reason why I liked it so much. A couple of days ago a very unexpected and wonderful thing happened. Two men, Jared and Shane, walked to The Leadership Center. They are currently walking across America, from east coast to west coast, to raise awareness for bone marrow research. Our chef Susan, saw these men in York and told them to stop by TLC. They stayed with us for two nights and made our days much better. Other than the fact that they were hilarious, courteous, and fun to be around, they were great people. They starting walking for bone marrow because they wanted to do something meaningful, and I was very touched by it.

In less than a week I will be back on the daily book grind at Nebraska Wesleyan. I will be studying anatomy and Spanish into the wee hours of the morning on a regular basis. I will be running till I nearly puke at baseball practice. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me.

I believe that the experience that I have had this summer will be very beneficial to my career.

I want to give a huge thank you to the entire TLC staff, especially Micheala and Maile for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you to all! Farewell and have a great day!

–Josh the Intern

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