The Simmons/Gesell Wedding Ceremony taken at The Leadership Center by Maile Ilac Boeder.

The other day I was perusing the internet and came across an article consisting of some wedding planning tips that I would love to share with you all. First off, ladies, if you are planning your wedding visit the website All Women Stalk because there are some wonderful articles for you to check out!

If you have attended our facility whether it be for a wedding, family reunion or just a business meeting you are aware that we have some beautiful property! We have been fortunate enough to be the host of several gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremonies. Each bride and groom has chosen the perfect space for them.

On All Women Stalk, I found this article entitled, “Everything You Need To Know About Planning An Outdoor Wedding” which is composed of some wonderful tips that all brides should know and some tips from yours truly:

  1. The Weather–After all we do live in Nebraska and the weather can change in a snap of your fingers! We have been fortunate here to not have weather be an issue, but there is ALWAYS that possibility. My advice, make sure to have back up in case of inclement weather and make sure your guests know about it.
  2. The Wind–Again, it is Nebraska and we are known for our wind as well. Depending upon your ceremony site the wind can be an issue. To you it may not matter, but the wind can affect your decorations and things like your veil or your dress.
  3. The Comfort of Your Guests–This day is all about you and your significant other, but remember the guests that are coming to celebrate your love. Is the sun going to be in their way or is the wind going to be a problem? Also try to provide things that will bring them comfort such as hand fans, water bottles or sunglasses which can double as favors!
  4. The Cost–Sometimes an outdoor wedding can give your budget some room, but depending where your  ceremony is, it can cost you more than an indoor ceremony. Do your research and ask questions.
  5. The Beauty–Even though there are many things to consider, don’t forget about the beauty of your day. An outdoor ceremony can provide you with some absolutely gorgeous photographs for you to cherish. Plus, it gives you a wide range of options for seating and creativity for decorations.
  6. The Time of Year–Think about when you want to get married. With an outdoor wedding there is a good time and a bad time to have your ceremony outside. You also need to think of where in the world you are getting married. If you live in Nebraska, the spring through fall are probably your best bets unless you want a wedding like Phoebe’s in Friends filled with snow, then all the power to you! But if you live in a more tropical climate then you have a little more flexibility.
  7. If an Outdoor Wedding is Your Dream—Make sure everything you want aligns and if it does then go for your dream.

No matter where you decide to get married, remember that this day is about celebrating the love of you and your significant other. Make sure it is the day you both want and make sure it’s a day you won’t forget, but don’t go to extreme lengths to get there! It’s just one day of your life, the beginning of your life together, there is much more to come!!

Have a great Tuesday all!

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