Usually, I am the one that is behind the scenes; the one working the event. This past weekend roles were somewhat reversed, I was not only the one working behind the scenes; I was also the one putting on the event.

Months ago I purchased a house and remodeled it. My mom and I decided to host an open house to show off the remodel. Being not only the venue, but the one putting on the event was a very different perspective for me.Food display at my open house. Being an event planner, I want to make sure an event runs smoothly and so well that no one realizes when a mistake happens, that’s the good sign of a well-run event, in my eyes. There are so many things that make up the behind the scenes aspect of an event; there is the chef and food team preparing food, there is the maintenance crew preparing setups, there is housekeeping preparing linens and making sure things are clean, there is also the event planners helping out wherever needed and doing their tasks, so in short an event is not a one person show. For me this last weekend, it kinds of was. I had help from my mom, grandma and sister-in-law which I am incredibly grateful for, but this open house was something that I was going to do mostly myself. Now it turned out better than I had anticipated. The weather was beautiful, my house was perfect and everyone had a good time. I just want to share a few tips I have when planning any type of event.

  1. Remember to enjoy the process. Yes, planning an event and wanting to put your best foot forward can be incredibly stressful, but enjoy the work and time that you are putting in to. You will know what things went wrong and you will learn from each and every planning experience. Besides everyone ALWAYS works out in the end, I promise!
  2. Accept help when offered. Now I didn’t really take this advice because it’s just not in my nature. I wanted things a certain way, however, I did let people do the things I wasn’t too particular about. If you are like me, this is a great option! If you aren’t quite as controlling as I am, then let people help you as much as they are willing. It will ease a lot of the stress you are feeling.
  3. Enjoy the event. I know making sure the food is constantly restocked or making sure to greet your guests is important, this is also your event and make sure to enjoy the conversations you are having and enjoying the fruit of your labor. You are making memories and that is much more important than remember to refresh your fruit tray. Trust me.
  4. Have a glass of wine or a piece of cake. Once your event is over and the cleanup is done, take some time for you. Do something you love or eat something you love. For me, I made an adult beverage and watched my favorite show. It was the perfect way to relax after a long couple of days.

This was the first event that I hosted and planned myself. It wasn’t a large event, but it meant a lot to me. Just know that even though I am an event professional, that doesn’t mean I am immune to the same stresses and problems you experience when planning your events. I just hope I have provided you with some comforting words to help you with your event planning endeavors. Good luck and enjoy!!


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