Almost 2 years ago, we implemented monthly staff meetings for the entire staff at The Leadership Center. In these meetings we welcome new staff members, celebrate birthdays, share feedback from our clients and enjoy a treat selected by the hosting department. We take time to discuss our incoming groups, our history with them or if they are new and how to best serve them. We also do an educational portion too.

    • Chemical handling & safety
    • Fire and tornado safety for employees and guests
    • Customer service and guest care
    • Department duties and facility tours
    • Workman’s comps
    • How to operate kayaks and canoes
    • Food allergies
    • Active shooter training
    • …and more.

Housekeeping Manager, Devin Johansen and Maintenance Manager, Dario Diaz.Training is often led by staff on topics selected by our management team or suggested to us. We also bring in a number of experts to assist as well. We truly appreciate our partnerships with local law enforcement, emergency management, the EMT’s and Fire Department as well as many others. ¬†Just yesterday, we had Aurora’s Fire Chief, Tom Cox, into to teach us all how to properly use a fire extinguisher. He taught us all the “P.A.S.S.” method:

P- Pull the pin
A- Aim the hose
S- Spray the extinguisher
S- Sweep- use sweeping motions while spraying to extinguish the fire.

During this training, we learned about various types of extinguishers and when the appropriate time to use them. Lastly, we got to practice what we learned.

While these meetings don’t always involve real fire, they do help our staff learn a lot of important skills, tools and such, so that we can continue to better serve our guests.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little of the behind the scenes at The Leadership Center.

Have a great day!


A few more snaps from meetings.
Department toursFire alarm training. Fire & Tornado Safety

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