The trees are starting to turn and The Leadership Center decor has transitioned to fall. It’s exciting because that means football, cozy sweaters, pretty leaves and pumpkins. It also means The Leadership Center’s Annual Harvest Gala is just around the corner.

This year, our staff, collaborated to design our invitation which the Aurora News Registerprinted and have delivered! They will be hitting the mail soon! Aren’t they beautiful?

2nd Annual Harvest Gala Invite

On the topic of this lovely event, we have put together a Q & A for you to answer a number of the questions we’ve gotten. So here you go!

2015 Silent Auction and Hors d'ouvres hour.Q: When is this event? Where do you get your tickets?

A: The 2nd Annual Harvest Gala is on Saturday, November 19, 2016 at The Leadership Center. It begins with hors d’oeuvres and a silent auction at 6 p.m. with dinner at 7p.m. followed by auctions and dancing. You can get your tickets 1 of 3 places:

  1. Online at on and search Harvest Gala 2016 or click here.
  2. Call Maile or Micheala in the office at 402-694-3934.
  3. Stop in at The Leadership Center at 2211 Q Street, Aurora, NE.

2015 Main Course: Ultimate Surf & Turf: Apple & Bacon Filet, Shrimp & Scallops with a sun dried Tomato Pesto Sauce, Roasted Root Vegetables and Blood Orange Mimosa RisottoQ: What is the menu?

A: From 6:00 to 7:00, you will be able to enjoy scrumptious hors d’oeuvres prepared by Chef Ryan and his team along with a cash bar provided by The Lucky Lady Tasting Room featuring a variety of wines and beers. At 7:00 p.m. you will be treated to an incredible coursed meal which will be plated and served and complimented by a wine or beer pairing. Our menu includes:
TLC Dente Salad
Fresh Strawberry Melon Sorbet
Grilled 8 oz New York Strip with Burgundy Mushroom Bourdalaise
Vegetable Timbali
Roast Red Garlic Bliss
Grilled Flatbread

The meal will conclude with a delectable dessert auction!

Delectable Dessert AuctionQ:Who is making these “delectable desserts”?
A: We’re fortunate enough to work with incredible vendors throughout all of our events. A number have agreed to donate to our action and they include:

One thing to note, we can slice and serve these dessert to you at your table. Since they are all prepared by professionals, we can also box them for you to take home and enjoy at Thanksgiving or freeze for Christmas!
Q: How do we select whether or not we want beer or wine with our meal?

A: On your RSVP (card, online, phone, or in person) you will select if you would like wine or beer. If one is not selected, you will be given the wine option.
2016 Harvest RSVP

Place settingQ: Who selects the wines and beers paired with the meals?
A: We work with the wonderful Jay & Jennifer Mack at The Lucky Lady Tasting Room to pair the wines and beers with our meal. We promise, you’ll love them!

Q: What if I have a dietary restriction or am a vegetarian, can I still come and enjoy your event?
A: Yes. Absolutely! When you RSVP, you can select the vegetarian option. Should you have a special dietary need such as gluten intolerance, please call  us at 402-694-3934 and speak with Maile or Micheala to see what accommodations Chef Ryan can make….psst…he’s good, he can usually make something delectable to meet your needs!

Q: Your invitation says semi-formal and calls it ‘evening of elegance,’ I don’t own a tux. What do I wear?
A: It is beautiful evening, but we want you to be comfortable. You will see lots of men in shirts and ties, ladies in skirts or dresses, but please don’t let the attire keep you away! PS: Since Pinterest is a great place for inspiration, we’ve put a board together to help. Click here to see our board.

Auction numbersQ: This event is a fundraiser for The Leadership Center. What are the funds going towards and are our donations tax deductible?

A: The funds raised from this event are going towards the remodeling of lodge rooms and updating our facilities to meet the increased volumes of guests and their needs. Any monies donated to The Leadership Center are tax deductible as we are a 501(3)(c) non-profit as designated by the IRS. All tickets or sponsorship purchased or monies donated (included in-kind gifts for auctions and such) have the potential of being tax deductible. We will give you a receipt for donations and gifts.

Place setting.Q: You mentioned sponsorship. What sponsorship is available?
A: We have table and event sponsorship available. They are as follows:

  • Bronze Table Sponsorship $520.00: includes a reserved table and tickets for 8 guests.
  • Golden Harvest Table Sponsorship $640.00: includes a reserved table and tickets for 8, table naming,  and 8 drink tickets.
  • Silver Event Sponsor $1200.00: includes a company/donor logo and name prominently displayed on the table, reserved seating, 8 guest tickets and 8 drink tickets and mention on our event page on our website.
  • Gold Event Sponsor $2000.00: includes company/donor logo and name prominently displayed on table, reserved setting, 8 guest tickets, 8 drink tickets, and company logo and website link on our website.

*Event sponsors will also be mentioned on our social media.

Q: How much are individual tickets?
A: Individual tickets are $70 per ticket. They include hors d’oeuvres, plated and served meal with pairing, actions and dancing.

Q: Are you taking donations? If so, what?
A: Yes, yes we are! You can donate a number of ways including:

Monetarily. Donations are accepted on our Eventbrite page, in the mail, in person and even over the phone if you want to call with a credit card. You can also make donations on our website. Checks should be made to “The Leadership Center” and mention in the memo “Harvest Gala”.

  • We are accepting both silent and live auction items.We are looking for live and silent auction items. Examples of such are: Husker or event tickets, gift baskets, crafts, wine/liquor baskets, bed & breakfast or weekend getaways, golf outings, food products or processing, art, landscaping or flowers, etc


If you or your business would like to donate, just give us a call at 402-694-3934 and will be happy to come pick it up or you can feel free to deliver it to us at The Leadership Center. All donors will be recognized at our event, on our website, social media and in our eBlast.

Q: Can we stay with you?
A: Absolutely. We’d love to have you as our guests. To make a lodging reservation, please call 402-694-3934.

DJ & dance floor.Q: Tell us about the dancing!
A: Oh, it’s a fun, fun night. We’ll be treated to the great music from Pro Motion Services. DJ & the evening’s emcee, Rick Johnson, will not only be spinning great tunes, he is donating our beautiful dance floor so we dance the evening away. Last year, he played tunes well past midnight and we all had so much fun! Fun fact: Rick and his lovely bride will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary with us that evening.

Q: Any chance there will be live music?
A: We are still working on it. We’re hoping to have live music for the hors d’oeuvres hour. If you have a suggestion or would like to sponsor this, let us know.
Since we’re on the topic of music though, here’s something to get you into our frame of mind for the evening:

Q: Any pictures from last year?
A: Of course! Click here to see our Facebook Album.

Newly refurbished 101.Q: Didn’t you raise funds for similar things last year? What did you accomplish with the funds raised last year?

A: We did raise funds for refurbishments to our lodge rooms. We raised funds at both our annual fundraisers: An Evening Stroll and The Harvest Gala. We raised approximately $10,000.00. These funds were used to purchase new linens, blankets and pillows in Kiewit Lodge. We started sanding and staining the headboards. We also purchased new power strips so the guests can charge their devices easier and via USB cords versus having to unplug lamps and such.

We realize that $10,000.00 is a lot of money and we promise that we’re making those dollars work very hard.

Kiewit LodgeTo offer some perspective, we have 60 lodge rooms. In those 60 rooms we have a total of:

      • 119 beds
      • 60 night stands, desks and dressers
      • 180 lamps
      • 120 chairs, pictures and luggage wracks.
      •  60 sets of drapes,shower curtains and liners
      • 240+ hangers
      • 60 clock radios
      • 60 toilets, sinks and showers.

      Together they are stocked with:

      • 240 hand towels
      • 300 wash cloths
      • 60 bath mats
      • 240 bath towels
      • 360 pillows and pillow cases
      • 240 sheets
      • 160 blankets and comforters.

      To completely remodel one room with a new wall treatment, new sink area, shower kit, 2 beds and furniture as well as flooring, we’re looking at approximately $6,500.00. Take that times 60 rooms, we’re looking at $390,000.00 to remodel our lodge rooms. This doesn’t include our dorms/cabins or any other part of our facilities.

      **Kiewit Lodge is over 30 years old and Ted Ward Lodge is over 12 years old.

      Should you have any questions about this events, donations or The Leadership Center, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just give us a jingle at 402-694-3934 or stop out!

      We do hope to see you in November for the festivities!

      Enjoy your day!
      Maile & Micheala

      PS Just to show you we had so much fun last year, check out this video of a couple of guest playing a little guitar for us to “Johnny Be Good.”

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