Hello all! Long time no talk to!

I was perusing the internet looking for inspiration to spark a blog post. I thought I had found one, but then something else caught my eye! I was visiting www.WeddingChicks.com when inspiration struck me like a lightning bolt. Looking at the beautiful bridesmaids’s dresses in this article I was thinking about how many times we talk about bridesmaids dresses with our clients. They always seem to have different ideas and it led me to thinking about what some of those ideas might be.

Image found at http://www.weddingchicks.com/2014/09/24/modern-mint-and-peach-wedding/Many people play to the side of tradition and choose to have their bridesmaids wear the same color and same dress, but there are other options if that isn’t your thing. In the particular article I was reading, the bride chose a lace top similar to a t-shirt and a chiffon peach skirt. It was a beautiful combination. Another option would to be to give your bridesmaids a color to stick to but they can pick their own style and type of dress. This allows your bridesmaid to be personally involved and to pick something they love and feel comfortable in. Something else we have seen is an ombre effect in dresses. Depending upon your colors, you can have one bridesmaid start in the lightest shade and graduate to the darkest shade. This is still partly traditional but adds a twist to it.

There are so many options out there that it can be confusing or overwhelming. My advice, think of something you like and try to find an image so that people can relate to what you are trying to achieve. The Wedding Chicks have a wonderful slideshow with lots of different photos that you can inspire you! Check it out here.

Have fun!


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