Natasha & Jeremy's special day out on our island.Micheala and I just finished up a wedding walk through for May of 2017 and are waiting for our New Year’s Eve Wedding to come in and meet with our chef and us. Exciting times.

I am just going to put this out there: WE LOVE WEDDINGS! That is a fact. We love being a part of the beginning of someone’s story. It is during these kinds of events, that we collect so many special moments and get to see so much joy.

Another beautiful bride crossing our bridge.Here are just a few things to keep in mind when you are planning your wedding:

  1. Make a budget. A honest budget with a bottom line and be realistic about your purchases and expectations of how far your dollars will go. Weddings can be expensive, having a budget allows you to keep perspective during decision making time.
  2. Prioritize all the things you want and make a list of the things you must have and the things you’d like if it’s possible, but aren’t necessarily a must. This helps when deciding where to spend your dollars and time. It also can help save you from unnecessary argument and undue stress.
  3. Remember that this is the merging of two lives and two families. Though everyone will have feelings and thoughts and wants, be sure to honor your story while respecting your families, traditions and desires. Ultimately, a lot of the decisions come down to who is cutting the check. However, if it’s something you really do not want to do, be honest. It would be terrible to have some kind of small detail like that overshadow the reason your special day is taking place.
  4. You are the bride. You are the groom. The day is about you. With that said, remember everyone has lives. While a few hours of one particular day will be about you, be respectful of people’s lives, budgets….kids schedules, especially if their little ones are in your wedding, travel times, etc.
  5. Do-It-Yourself is a great way to accomplish a lot of things with your wedding on a budget. Make sure to consider the cost of your time and stress. Also remember that bridal magazines and Pinterest are suggests and inspiration, but isn’t necessarily a true reflection of real life…at least an affordable version of life.

April & Wes after saying "I do".

Weddings are amazing events to be enjoyed by the couple, the couple’s families and friends. I wish you the best in your planning and on your special day.

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There is a lot to think of when planning your special day. Please do not hesitate to contact Micheala & I for any assistance…even if you wedding isn’t with us. We are always happy to help if we are able.

Have a lovely day!

John and I on our wedding day!

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