One of my favorite events to work are weddings. Growing up, I always loved going to weddings. I love the decorations, the wedding cake and most importantly the celebration of love an d new beginnings.

Since starting at The Leadership Center last year I have had the opportunity of working 5 weddings and receptions. I love the chaos and the celebration that comes with it. Plus there are always great stories to go with it too!

Ron & Karen Perry at their vow renewal.This past fall I had the fortune of working my first 50th anniversary and it couldn’t have been for a sweeter couple! Ron and Karen Perry celebrated their 50th anniversary on September 8, 2013 and it was one of the grandest merriments of love, life and time. Their friends participated in skits reminiscing about different times in their lives and their grandkids also participated.

This being my first anniversary it has definitely set the bar for future anniversaries. When planning an anniversary whether it’s your 1st, 25thor 50th remember a couple of things:

Make it genuine and true to you. Your relationship and marriage isn’t the same as someone else’s so don’t force something that is the cookie cutter mold. Make the party something that is just so you and your significant other.

Share your memories. That can be with photo albums, slide shows, home movies or even skits. Share some of the special times that you have lived through, as well as, some of the funniest.

Make it a family affair. Celebrating your anniversary is a testament to the relationship that you have so why not celebrate with family and friends who have been there through it all!

Weddings are incredibly special and a big affair, but anniversaries are even bigger because it shows the hard work the couples have put in and the love that they have for each other. Now days divorces are a dime a dozen, especially with couples my age, so celebrate the success you have achieved and the relationship you have developed!

Happy Hump Day!



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