Hi All!

I just recently traveled to Texas the weekend and wanted to share some of the things that I came back in touch with over the weekend.

1) Families are crazy, ALL families are. Whether your family hits level 10Photo by Micheala Olsen on the crazy scale or is a mild 3, family is important. You may fight, disagree on different social issues and they may annoy you, but with all of that aside they still love and care for you.
2) Even if your family is at level 10 on the crazy scale, it is still good to spend time with them. Now let me preface this, you may not enjoy spending too much time with them however it does remind you of what you do enjoy and are grateful for in life.
3) While traveling is tiring and can be annoying, it is good for your soul. It is good to see other places. It helps you expand your horizons and provides some culture to your life. Even if you can’t afford to take a plane to Africa or even Texas, you can still drive a couple of hours and see things you have never seen before. Try to do that when you can, it makes life more fun.

Have a wonderful day!!

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