So if you all have been keeping up to date with what is going on with The Leadership Center you know that the interns have arrived. We introduced ourselves and told you what we were looking forward to. Well ladies and gents we are going into our third week of this internship. So I’ve been given the freedom to discuss whatever I would like with you all. So one thing I left out of my introduction was how much I love pineapples. Well my love for pineapples does have a point to this blog and The Leadership Center. So like I told you in the last blog I moved around quite a bit before coming back to my home roots. Well Virginia was the last place that I lived and they had such a fun symbol to represent their state; the pineapple. The pineapple means welcome and good ole’ southern hospitality. Well ever since the pineapple has just kind of stuck with me. Now with being in the industry of hospitality it means so much more to me as an individual. Now, as to the point of this blog. When first meeting the staff of The Leadership center I felt welcomed and invited into “their little wonder of the world.” Specially with being two hours away from home. They made me feel like I was a part of something bigger. They trusted me and guided me to knowing the ins and outs of what needed to be done. You do not always get this kind of hospitality everywhere you go. So I suggest to all of you that the next time you get the chance to hold an event here or stay here or even work here take the chance because you will not regret. You will get a pineapple welcome from the amazing staff that work here. Stay tuned for the upcoming events that will be happening as we head in further to Summer 2017!

Signing off,


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