My name is Andrew Stolpe. I am originally from Milford, Nebraska but after moving around for a while I finally ended up in Aurora going into my sophomore year of high school which is where I live when I’m not at college. Next fall I will be a junior at Nebraska Wesleyan University attempting to earn a degree in Special Education as well as a degree in History. My favorite movie/show is The Office and my favorite musical genre is country. I applied at the leadership center because I wanted an internship that would be a great/ fun experience while at the same time helping me to gain knowledge in various areas.

Hi, my name is Kiara Kocsis. I am originally from the Nebraska area, but after moving around I decided to come back to my roots to start college. I am currently living in Elkhorn, Nebraska. In the fall I will be a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management. You could say that the TLC internship was truly right up my alley when discovering it. I am looking forward to taking the information I have learned in the classroom and being able to apply it to my experiences here. Just some fun facts about me I personally love any movies that are romantic comedies; however, my all-time favorite is The Notebook (I may have a crush on Ryan Gosling). As for what favorite music/band I am currently listening to anything country. Once summer comes that is practically all I listen to.

As interns here at The Leadership Center, we have had two very eventful days within the start of our first week. Day one consisted of learning about the facility and meeting everyone that works within the facility. You would think that figuring out the layout of the facility would be easy, but with 43.5 acres of land and with a huge facility on top of that it is a lot of space to remember. We might have gotten lost a couple of times when starting on our first project, our intern video. If you have not watched it you should. Day two consisted of prepping for COLT. For some who may not know that this is, FFA state officers come here to lead conferences that are presented to each chapter within the state. This event runs for a week and a half. So you can imagine the prep work that goes into this. We are excited for the experiences that we will have with our internship at The Leadership Center. Stay tuned for updates on the events that go on throughout the summer.

Looking forward to sharing more with you all as our time goes on.

Andrew & Kiara
The Interns

Here’s the video we mentioned above! Enjoy

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