We kicked the week off with a flurry of activities including having Boys Town Research Hospital move in with their EIPA Translators Conference for the week and the start of Cooking with Chemistry, which happens to be a camp we host together with the Edgerton Explorit Center. Chef Sue is working with Mad Scientist Jessica teaching 10 wonderful little chefs how to cook and the science behind all of it!

We also kicked off our very own leadership conference, D4LC (Disciplines 4 Leadership Communities), with 20 amazing attendees. This is the third year we have facilitated this conference, and this session is the first of three we are planning for the summer.

Student building a community totem pole during the Community Session.During D4LC, attendees (ranging from 7th grade to 12th grade along with their chaperones) explored the following sessions:

  • Community– a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
  • Serve– the action of helping or doing work for someone or some group; to give a helping hand.
  • Play– engage in activity for enjoyment.
  • Connect– to reach out and establish a relationship or relationships; to network with others.
  • Grow– undergo natural development, progressing to maturity.
  • Gratitude– the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and return kindness.
  • Relax– rest or engage in an enjoyable activity so as to become less tired or anxious.
  • Get Active– pursuing hobbies or activities outside of work and regiment; get moving and play.
  • Forward– onward so as to make progress; toward a successful conclusion.
  • Build– construct by putting parts or materials or people together over a period of time.
  • Legacy– gift left behind.
  • Onward– going further rather than coming to an end or halt; moving forward.

All of the sessions are planned and lead by TLC Teammates along with a little assistance from some great TLC partners. It’s always a fun time when we get to transition from facility to facilitators. From the session ideas, curriculum, sets, and everything in between is researched, designed, and facilitated by our team. It’s challenging, exciting, and rewarding.

The entire premise of D4LC was to create a conference that focuses on a number of important topics where attendees have a chance to work in communities and individually on enhancing their leadership skills. Its unique format encourages networking collaboration, personal reflection while having fun, learning new things, and meeting new people. Our intent is that this conference will serve students from 7th to 12th grade while also offering a session for students younger than the 7th grade and adults.

During “Get Active” some participants enjoyed a walk & run with Maile while others participated in water aerobics with Laurie or fishing/boating with Tom, Renee, Grant, Brandon and Hunter.This first session of the summer was wonderful. It was full of laughter, learning, and growing. We are thankful to have been able to create a place for such meaningful experiences.

As mentioned, this is the first session of the summer. The next is July 10-11. If you are interested in participating in this session or would like to host a D4LC at another time, please contact us at 402.694.3934.

We do have a number of supporters to thank for contributions towards the success of this session of D4LC. Thank you to:

  • Laurie Anderson for leading water aerobics during Get Active.
  • Shane Hennessy for assisting with Serve & Legacy.
  • Tom Boyd & Renee Eckoff for assisting with fishing & boating during Get Active.
  • Cal Strong & Gallagher Strong for supplying the notebooks & pens for attendees.

Here are the TLC team members who led or assisted with D4LC Sessions:

  • Maile Ilac Boeder– Community, Serve, Grow, Gratitude & Coffee, Relax, Get Active, Legacy, & Onward
  • Micheala Olson– Community, Forward, & Onward
  • Dario Diaz– Community, Serve, Build, & Onward
  • Sue Ramsey– Connect
  • Kiara Kocsis– Community, Connect, Forward, & Onward
  • Andrew Stolpe– Community, Serve, Build, & Onward
  • Hunter Pursley, Grant Fox and Brandon Cook– Serve & Get Active
  • Jane Nuss– Community, Onward, and behind the scenes
  • Kitchen Crew– all the food & snacks
  • Facilities Crew– the property, dorms/lodges, and the space

We are so grateful for the opportunity to host this great conference! Thanks to our attendees and supporters!


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