May 3rd marked our third time participating in Go Big Give: 24 hours of giving which has made an incredible impact on non-profits throughout Hamilton, Hall, Howard, & Merrick Counties. The Leadership Center is one of those. We are so grateful!

This year we have tried something different. We partnered up with Prairie Plains Resource Institute to host a day of fishing on the prairie as a pre-give event. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate with us, and we had a 39 degree day with rain and wind. We tried!

On Go Big Give Day (May 3rd), I kicked the day off watching the ticker tape kick the midnight hour off. I couldn’t help myself. It’s just so exiting. In the morning, we hosted our annual Coffee, Cake, & Contributions where donors were invited to join us for coffee and cake from The Chocolate Bar as a thank you for their donation. We had computers set up for donations, staff on hand to assist and answer questions, and it was so much fun! We had more people come through this year than ever. Thank you so much to all who came out.

This year, after processing fees, we brought in $5,490.97 with donations, matching funds, and incentives. While this is short of our goal, we are excited how all these funds will enable us to improve the facility! This past year, the roof on Ted Ward Lodge sustained damage during several storms resulting in it being totaled. A number of people have asked us why insurance didn’t cover it. Due to how our policy is written for the size of property and policy, our deductible is 1% of our policy. The $41,600.00 it will cost to replace the roof is less than that 1%.

We want to thank the following for their donations:

  • Casey & Tammy Carpenter
  • Randy Vlasin
  • Quenton & Tonya Mortensen
  • John Boeder
  • Ken Malone
  • Ivan James
  • Chaz Boeder
  • Jennie Kuehner
  • Curan Vetter
  • Jan Whitney
  • Kevin & Annett Hanshew
  • Deb Nelson
  • Barb Cox
  • Micheala Olsen
  • Hamilton Telecommunications
  • Dave Johnson
  • Jerome Engelhaupt
  • Vonnie Whiting
  • Vicky Armstrong in memory of Ron Armstrong
  • Anonymous
  • Demaris Olsen
  • Tim Laughlin
  • Kristin Witte
  • Sarah Whiting
  • Creek Valley FFA Chapter
  • Jonathon Lechtenberg
  • Shelby Thieszen in memory of Shadow
  • Amanda Hackenkamp
  • Cross County FFA Chapter
  • Burwell FFA Chapter
  • Philip Simpson
  • Shane Hennessy
  • Shane Hennessy in memory of Lynn Dowding Sr
  • Dave Rocker
  • Greg Ashby
  • Noni Troester
  • Trent & Jessica Brondell
  • Tammy Morris
  • Anonymous
  • Adam Hanson
  • Rodney Wetovik
  • John McDermott
  • Aurora Insurance
  • Holly Peterson
  • Barb Olson
  • Nellie Neitfeld
  • Jim Neitfeld
  • Dan Molliconi
  • Dario Diaz
  • Heidi Ashby
  • Jane Nuss

Thank you so much for your gifts! $5,490.97 will make a difference and impact for years to come. Thank you!!!
We also want to give a special thank to the organizers of Go Big Give! Your hard work and dedication is huge. Thank you!

-Maile Ilac Boeder,
One blessed NPO Exec!

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