For some of you that have watched The Wedding Planner you know that a lot goes into planning a wedding. The details of what color scheme to pick, the decorations, and down to the details of what song you plan on walking down the aisle too. Clearly these details are a huge part of your day. However, the person coordinating all of this or helping to make sure your special day is great is literally the mastermind behind the whole shindig. Well here at The Leadership Center we take it from that first walk through to the final moment. I guess you could say Maile and Micheala are the actual real life Mary Fiore. As for some of you that have no idea about what I am even rambling about maybe you should just stop right here and go rent the movie The Wedding Planner. I promise you will not be disappointed. Unless you are a guy that just is not sappy, then sorry you are just going to be clueless. So through the long hours and last minute details we survived our first wedding of the Summer. Well I say we survived lets see what Andrew thinks about all of this…

When I found out that there was going to be a wedding I was excited because I knew it would provide even more opportunities to learn new things. As we sat through “cheat seat” and learned about what all went into the wedding, I was eager to get started. Watching Maile, Micheala, and Dario prep for the wedding gave me firsthand experience on how much actually goes into planning a wedding. From preparing the invoices for the guests that are staying on the property to setting up chairs and tables used for the ceremony and reception. There was so much more that went into the planning than I could have ever imagined! Tonight has been a little bit stressful but overall super fun and enjoyable. I have learned a ton and am excited for our next wedding.

Signing off,

Kiara & Andrew

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