Happy Summer Everyone!

Though the summer rays have already been scorching hot. Some of us are suffering more than others…though that is only here say. We have been busy bees at The Leadership Center. Working hard on taking the time to put in the tender, love and care our guests deserves.

Let’s take a tour of what has been going on in the hallowed halls of The Leadership Center. Event’s Past would tell you about Camp Summer Gold, 4-H Llama Camp, Family Reunions, Trinity Lutheran Confirmation Retreat, D4LC. Event’s Present would talk your ear off about Boys Town EIPA, West Point FFA Chapter, Baby Bonanza. Event’s Future would brag about the Weddings, OUR Fundraiser “An Evening Stroll”, D4LC, Family Reunions, Business Meetings that are upcoming. To my knowledge though all three would talk your ear off because we have had quite the shindig of events going on. Specially the last 3 weeks!

What are these events you may ask…Well to start Camp Summer Gold brings a diverse group of teenage girls together to explore creativity, knowledge and stewardship through arts and science based mentor centered workshops and collective girl power. 4-H Llama camp is when all the Llamas come to town. No seriously I am not kidding you, there are legit Llama’s on the TLC property. If you think I’m joking, you should check out some of the pictures we have. Of course it is that time of year when families decide to get together and see their loved ones that maybe they do not get to see as often as they would like. Then we get into our VERY own Leadership Conference. Built on a need from one district here in Nebraska 3 years ago to a conference that has grown to help many individuals. See here at The Leadership Center we take pride in this conference because not only do we become the facility that this group stays with, but we get to become the facilitators. I see it as a cool opportunity! Put our teaching skills to the test. This week we had a group from Boys Town that was practicing their sign language. Talk about a talkative group! Hahaha, if you did not get the joke that is okay. I obviously am not that funny. However, West Point FFA was hanging with us this week for a few days after touring a few businesses in town. Baby Bonanza will be taking over the Mather wing tomorrow with different vendors for baby and mom alike. We look forward to the upcoming events in the next two weeks. As The Leadership Center has not hit a lull yet. Which is the best way to have it during the summer! Stay tuned for more blogs to come.

Signing Off,
Kiara-The Intern

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