My main project this summer is to clean up the tree line that borders the houses on the south side of the McBride subdivision and to raise funds for the replacement trees. So far I have taken out thirty to forty trees as well as the stumps. I have also been gathering the information I need to be able to purchase new trees. The plan right now is to put in two rows of Colorado Blue Spruce on the property line. Behind those two rows of blue spruce we are thinking about putting in one row of chanticleer pear trees as well as a row of red dogwood. This project has been extremely challenging but also extremely fun. When I was first briefed on this project I was slightly overwhelmed, but as I dove in I realized how much fun taking on this challenge was going to be. With almost no prior experience I am now very confident in my tree cutting abilities. I have already learned a ton but I’m sure that I will learn much more before I am finished. I am looking forward to moving forward in the project and getting as much done as I possibly can while at TLC this summer.

If you are interested in donating funds to our tree project or would like more information please contact me at (402) 694-3934.


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