Well people I have been away for awhile…sorry to keep you hanging on to the suspense of what comes next, but reality is sometimes we just get super busy or as I like to put it “Life Happens.”

So what have I been up that could possibly just keep me too busy to write one of my awesomely cool blogs. Well lets see: we had two weddings within the first two weekends of July; our 3rd annual Progressive Dinner “An Evening Stroll”; our last summer session of D4LC; and Family Reunions galore people. So you could say I have been up to just about anything and everything you would think happens here.

So I’m going to give you the short version of my thoughts of July…bear with me people.

Weddings have grown on me. See you would think I would love weddings, but I am not entirely a girl that falls head over heels for weddings. However, after seeing how the whole journey takes shape it makes me a little giddy. This comment, however does not leave this blog people.

The Summer fundraiser…gosh where do I even begin on this. See I was given a little baby project to find donation items for our auctions. I was very successful with donation items. Let me tell you I ended up with 64 items! I may be tooting my own horn here, but I was very excited about this goal. Go look at our Facebook or Instagram page, you will see a video of me doing my happy dance at 50 items. I’m serious go watch it. As for the rest of the fundraiser it was a beautiful evening. That week was full of long hours, full of sweat and tears. I’m not kidding about the tears either. Overall very happy with the event especially since it was my first ever event I have helped with at this type of level.

Family reunions are honestly so much fun. They make me think back to the family reunion I had with my boyfriend’s family last Summer. Let me tell you it is a blast to see all of these family members come together to see one another every so many years. You get to share in making their special memories that last a lifetime!

So my overall expectations of July have exceeded my goals! Now onto a sad note. I have 15 days left. Okay, no more sappiness because you all are not getting rid of me quite yet. I will be making the most of my last 15 days.

Signing off,

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