Although our original plan of having the Blue Spruce and Chanticleer Pear trees in on the 18th, weather did not allow that. The combination of rain and 100 degree heat caused us to have to push back the installation a week. On Monday, July 24, Greg Luthy and his crew came and began digging the holes for the trees as well as planting a few of them.Greg digging the holes for the trees. On Tuesday, July 25, the rest of the trees were put into the ground. Today, July 26, the drip system for the trees will be put in. So far we only have the Blue Spruce trees because Greg decided it would be best to plant the Chanticleer Pear trees in the fall once the trees go dormant. Unfortunately, that will be after my time here at TLC but I will definitely be coming back to see the final product. The Blue Spruce trees look amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the work Greg and his team did. If you are interested in donating to Project Tree Line you can head over to our GoFundMe page to donate.



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