Although we’ve been really busy lately, Project Tree Line has still been moving forward. We rented a stump grinder and ground all the stumps down to ground level. We’ve also mowed the area so the trees can be put in without being crowded by weeds. Brandon Cook and Grant Fox have been doing an amazing job at keeping Project Tree Line moving forward especially on days when I am inside and not able to be outside working. I’ve been extremely thankful for their hard work and dedication. The area we have cleared of trees and stumps. Tomorrow, July 18, Greg Luthy and his crew will be at TLC to begin putting in the Colorado Blue Spruce and Chanticleer Pear trees as well as the drip system. Once Greg’s crew is done with that we will have everything in place except the Red Dogwood which we are still working on. I am very excited to start putting our new trees. I am also very excited to see the final product of Project Tree Line. Also, if you would like to donate to Project Tree Line we have created a Go Fund Me page. Click here if you would like to donate.Thank you in advance to anyone who donates to Project Tree Line, we greatly appreciate your donation.


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