Well folks, it’s that time of the year again. Say goodbye to warm summer nights, late night bonfires, and the smell of sunscreen. Summer is coming to an end. That means The Interns are leaving.

It has been my pleasure typing to you readers and making you all laugh. I hope you enjoyed our little corner of the world this summer from the perspective of Andrew and I. I know you may all have a favorite, but I’m sure that the next intern will make you laugh just as much this fall.

I have learned so much from my internship at The Leadership Center. Before even taking the position, I only knew where The Leadership Center was located; however, anything else I had quite the learning curve. For some, this can be a difficult or challenging task. Well for me, it was all different from what we had learned in the classroom. I’m not saying that the stuff we learn from the classroom is pointless, but the hands-on experience that I was granted at The Leadership Center has helped shape me into a better hospitality industry worker. I not only was able to just see the office perspective and how events run, but the actual configurations of things.

Here at The Leadership Center, they are one-stop-shop for an event. Whether you want to host a wedding or a small meeting, we can do it all for you. I was able to help with the kitchen, housekeeping, and maintenance departments while I was here. So no, I did not just sit in front of my computer all day during the past 400 hours that I put in here.

So readers, I can truly say packing up from the Big O and moving down to Aurora was a worthwhile experience. I would not change this summer for the world. The staff truly treats you like a family member, even if you are the rule abiding aunt. They still are there to help guide you, encourage you, and want you to know that their door is always open whether that be the office or their own home.

So, thank you again Maile, Micheala, Dario, Jane, Chef Sue, the maintenance boys, kitchen staff, and housekeeping staff for welcoming me into the TLC family. This summer was one for the books, and I plan to visit Aurora whenever I get the chance! Oh, whoops, cannot forget my counterpart Andrew Stople. After all, he was the other intern, and I could not have done some of my projects without him. So, Stople thanks!

Signing off one final time,

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