This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to do an internship at TLC. Now I will admit that I knew next to nothing about The Leadership Center or what they did, but I will say that I have learned a ton about TLC, Non-Profit organizations, trees, and the amazing staff here. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everybody and developing new friendships. When I first interviewed with Micheala, Dario, and Maile they mentioned several times that the TLC staff was more like a family than a work staff and I could not agree more. It has been awesome to get to know each and every one of them. When I was first informed about my task of cleaning up the tree line I was extremely nervous because I had very little experience with that sort of work. I had used a chainsaw before but not on trees as big as the pines we cut down. Everything was a learning experience that I feel I took advantage of. I learned not only how to cut down trees but how to handle outside opinions when it came to dealing with the neighbors of TLC. I also enjoyed working with Greg Luthy and his crew when we were finally ready to put in the new trees. I feel that Project Tree Line and the rest of my internship has provided me with knowledge that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else and knowledge that I will take with me to apply to the rest of my life. This internship not only gave me this knowledge but also helped me with some more personal things like reaffirming my decision to be a teacher. Although at times it was stressful working at TLC, I can honestly say it has been an experience that I am extremely grateful for.

Signing off for the last time,

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