As the temps start cooling down (hopefully …), we should go ahead and introduce you to our fall intern as she has been working for us for about four weeks now. Granted, we do greatly miss our summer interns dearly, but we believe she will fit right in with the TLC family. Who’s the new intern??

Due to The University of Nebraska-Lincoln keeping her schedule pretty busy during the week, we decided to put her up in a cozy nook of the Nonprofit Hub. If you have never heard of the Nonprofit Hub, it is located in downtown Lincoln. Such a cool and hip place to work while being able to connect with other interns and representatives from various non-profits in the local area. May just be a bit jealous of her especially with Starbucks being right down the street.

She has been busy so far with a “special project” that we are so excited to introduce to you soon! Plus, our Discipline 4 Leadership Communities Conference was two weekends ago. She was suppose to teach a session with the Vice President of the NVAF Board, Shane Hennessy. However, he was up to his ears with baby stuff. So you could say that she used her teacher’s hat a couple of days to prepare. She is also setting up times to go speak to other students within her major to help promote The Leadership Center for future interns.

With The Leadership Center being busy since “The Eclipse”, we are so happy to have Kiara back on our team as she was…. wait…. the cat is out of the bag folks. Rats!

Well, you all caught me…I knew at some point writing in third person would be difficult.

Well folks, for some of you that thought the last blog I wrote was my toast of goodbye, we were all wrong (I thought so too); however, my projects were not done quite yet. Yes, I had worked really hard, but when it came down to it, I secretly was not ready to leave. Luckily, I was offered to extend my internship by Maile and Micheala. This worked out perfectly with my academic plans of completing another internship this fall.

If you are new to the blog, “Welcome”. If you are a returning reader, “Gotcha”. Well maybe, unless you follow us on social media, then this was no surprise to you.

So to refresh your memory:

My name is Kiara Kocsis from good ole’ Elkhorn, Nebraska! I am currently completing my last year for my Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management. I also have minors in Business and Leadership Communication. Some things I love to do in my free time are pinteresting (if that’s even a word) and watching movies.

I am looking forward this semester to be working with such an incredible staff at TLC. I truly missed having them in my life the first couple of weeks that I was gone. I do get to personalize my own desk area so that is pretty cool, too!

Well folks, that is all from me now! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and make sure to spread the word of how great The Leadership Center is!


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