The next board member we are introducing is a person who hasn’t just been a guest and a board member, but during her student teaching, she was our employee too! Connections like that prove just how small this big world is!

Many people do not know that The Leadership Center is a 501(3)(c) non-profit owned and operated by the Nebraska Vocational Agricultural Foundation (NVAF.) The NVAF is a board of directors made up of 10 Nebraska Agricultural Education teachers and 5 Nebraska business people in the areas of banking, law, accounting, as well as a business person from Lincoln and one from Omaha. While our board of directors are quite active with all the happenings of The Leadership Center, they are often behind the scenes and people don’t know them beyond name. So we are going to take some blog space to introduce to you our board members. We have asked each of them to answer a set of questions.

Meet our NVAF Board Treasurer, Amanda Hackenkamp.

Name: Amanda Hackenkamp

Job & Location: Cross County Community Schools in Stromsburg, Nebraska

NVAF Board Position: Currently serving as Treasurer, but this will be my 3rd year serving on the board.

Favorite thing about TLC: I love every aspect of The Leadership Center. I have been an FFA member who had attended COLT Conference in Aurora, to a State Officer who spent a good portion of her summer at The Leadership Center through conference and prep work. I have also served as an assistant in the kitchen for 2 summers while I was in college. I have been active in every part of the what The Leadership Center could offer. Some of my best memories have been at the Center and I have enjoyed being able to share those passions and experiences with students. The staff are second to none, and a part of my family! What they are able to do at the center is pure magic (and a LOT of hard work and dedication to their clients.) I don’t know if I have a SINGLE memory that comes to the forefront when I think about The Leadership Center. I do remember a lot of late nights working on flip charts, or staying over at Maile’s for a milk shake between sessions, even getting the chance to explore the actual size of the campus this summer was amazing.

Anything else for the good of the cause? The Leadership Center holds a special place in my heart. Not only for the history of the campus, but for what it represents, along with the staff who works tirelessly to see the vision through.

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