In an effort for our guests and clients to get to know our Board of Directors, we continue with our Meet the Board Blog Series.

Many people do not know that The Leadership Center is a 501(3)(c) non-profit owned and operated by the Nebraska Vocational Agricultural Foundation (NVAF). The NVAF is a board of directors made up of 10 Nebraska Agricultural Education teachers and 5 Nebraska business people in the areas of banking, law, accounting, as well as a business person from Lincoln and one from Omaha. While our board of directors are quite active with all the happenings of The Leadership Center, they are often behind the scenes and people don’t know them beyond name. So we are going to take some blog space to introduce to you our board members. We have asked each of them to answer a set of questions.

Next up, our vice president, Shane Hennessy.
Name: Shane Hennessy

Job & Location: Agriculture Education Instructor at East Butler Public Schools in Brainard, NE.

NVAF Board Position and how long you have served on the board? I am the Vice President as elected this summer. I have served on the board a total of three years.

Favorite thing about TLC? I like that The Leadership Center is versatile. The staff and center can be home to a leadership workshop that engages the minds of students the same day as it hosts a wedding and family reunion. The staff is always friendly and engaging with guests. The best part is that everything that goes on at TLC goes back to our mission of being a premier site for youth education and leadership development.

Why do you like serving on the board or what you looking forward to doing while serving on the board? I enjoy serving on the board because The Leadership Center started as a dream of three Ag. teachers who mortgaged their homes to get T.L.C. started. I feel as an Ag. teacher myself, that it is my duty to sustain their dream and continue to help TLC be part of many students’ fondest memories, like it is for mine.

Anything else for the good of the cause? I could ramble on forever about how great our staff and executive director is, but I will simply say that this group of people who make the day to day happen each day are some of the most passionate people about ensuring that the guests have a great experience. They do the little things that matter, like saying hello, having a smile on their face, and executing each part of their jobs to their fullest potential. The people make T.L.C. the place to be.

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