We continue with our “Meet The Board” Blog posts. Today we’re introducing one of our business board members, but before we do, a brief introduction.

Many people do not know that The Leadership Center is a 501(3)(c) non-profit owned and operated by the Nebraska Vocational Agricultural Foundation (NVAF.) The NVAF is a board of directors made up of 10 Nebraska Agricultural Education teachers and 5 Nebraska business people in the areas of banking, law, accounting, as well as a business person from Lincoln and one from Omaha. While our board of directors are quite active with all the happenings of The Leadership Center, they are often behind the scenes and people don’t know them beyond name. So we are going to take some blog space to introduce to you our board members. We have asked each of them to answer a set of questions.

Without further ado, meet Rick Braasch, our At-Large OmahaRepresentative.

Name: Rick Braasch

Job & Location: CPA with Hancock & Dana, PC in Omaha, NE

NVAF Board Position and how long have you served on the board? I am currently serving as the At-Large Omaha Representative and am a part of the Executive Committee. This is my third term on the board.

Why do you like serving on the board or what you are looking forward to doing while serving on the board? I am committed to the financial success of this organization. It is a gem located in the center of the state of Nebraska.

Anything for the good of the cause? People need to come by and check the place out!

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